Thawing Out

All things considered, Winter here hasn’t been too bad. I managed to take good advantage of a few nice days. Having the proper gear makes all the difference cutting the windchill factor down to nearly nothing. The wind on my face felt great. Just being out and about felt great.

Spring is just weeks away and I’m planning some maintenance and minor repairs to continue being road worthy and safe. I don’t have garage space currently so I need the weather to cooperate in order to get to a right turn signal button replacement, fluids, filters, brakes and give the electrical a good look at.

I like tinkering, taking the time to do things the correct ways following procedures and specs to keep it running right and tight. It’s a thawing out process I enjoy.

I picked up an extra manual from Clymer. They are a big help, though nothing like a Harley Davidson Service Manual,  I enjoy reading tech and like being informed and up to date.  I believe that every aspect of a motorcycle is paramount when out on the open road.

So check that list for road trip prep. If you haven’t been riding all year long. Take it easy    and go over every inch. Listen and feel for any nuance as you’re thawing out. See you out there.

Rubber side down, shiny side up good people.


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