I’d Rather Be Riding

Each day I make my best attempt at doing more than just getting by and doing the same routine. I make the best of most situations and at the end of the day when I think about those situations I could have handled better, I still manage to remember what I learned.

Of course there are those days when it comes down to one simple thought. I’d rather be riding. Just want to hang a sign on the door that reads ‘Gone Riding’ return unknown.

I’d rather not look at the clock and feel like I have to be anywhere. Sure it may seem irresponsible but it is liberating. No phones, just gas and go to anywhere for however long. That a vacation worth having.If I’m watching the clock then I haven’t let go enough.

It may seem like I’m describing the dream and in a way I just might be. What plans would need to be made. Spring won’t be here soon enough.

Happy Trails…


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