Winter, So It Seems

Lately I had lost the drive and enthusiasm to write here on my blog due to technical difficulties and just good old fashioned writer’s block. My sullen mood due to Winter wasn’t helping. Well, let’s see…

Last week the weather broke just enough to put my gear to the test and it passed no problem. I didn’t feel a chill at all. It felt great to be in the wind and even pushed it past 70 mph a few times to let Ginger breathe and breathe she did.

I was cruising on the Meadow Brook Pkwy towards Jones Beach and couldn’t help but smile. I didn’t hit any standstill traffic and had plenty of room to maneuver. Yes, it felt good.

The best part was being able to do it again the very next day. Weather was good and I was going to keep taking advantage of it. Of course that was short lived here out on the east coast but Spring is right around the corner.

We’ll soon get the break we”re yearning for and I’ll take high 40’s all day. Didn’t they say it’s suppose to warm up tomorrow? Hmm…

Rubber side down. Shiny side up.


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