Cold Weather Blues

It’s been a while since I’ve written. Life has a funny way of getting hectic. Even so, I do my best to manage my free time the best I can. Business, pleasure and responsibilities. Of course one may say that it’s a bit more complex and diverse that this and I agree. You can debate for hours on end what falls into what. It comes down to priorities and the choices you make.

If riding is your priority, then you will choose what is necessary to make that a reality. Saying goes for anything else. So…how cold, is cold?

I’d rather be somewhere warmer to ride all year long comfortably. I can take the cold with the proper gear as long as the roads are ride worthy and safe. I’ve done rain and always make it through, thank God. I did the beginning of winter 30 years ago in the Tri-State area and didn’t calculate proper gear and wind chill factors and came down with something awful. I was out of commission for 2 weeks. Not good but I learned.

Proper gear is always key to fighting the elements but that’s only part of the things to take into consideration. Riding experience and training, weather watching, planning as best as you can and knowing that if it’s just too dangerous(road conditions) then just don’t risk it.

No one ever wants the riding season to end. Even if you enjoy wrenching, like I do, you’d rather be in the wind.

Shiny side up. Rubber side down.


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