I’ve always contemplated many interests throughout the course of my life. I’ve always been a dreamer, imagining the various outcomes of effort on my part and how true I stuck to my attractions. I kept track of the changes of my interests brought about by experiences and maturity. There was plenty that I lacked in knowledge and set out to educate myself with literature, hands on trial and error and networking with those in the know. I found that a balance of all three works well for me, especially taking my own pace with literature and hands on. The best is the extra hands and minds of great brothers and sisters with so much to offer. Learning from and wrenching with great company just makes the experience that much better. This is part of what it is all about.

Being around like minded talent helps me to live the dream. We all have something to bring to the table even if it is just the dream itself.

So dream, learn, do and do it with others. Live the dream.


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